Happy Socktober!

On Friday the 13th, we did a 5-hour charity stream to raise money for Hope For The Day, and raise more than $1,000 for mental health!

This is the second charity stream I’ve done and both times were so much fun! I was worried I wouldn’t be able to fill that much time, but I had so many gimmicks planned I didn’t get to all of them.

Thanks everyone for watching and sharing and donating. I’m blown away everyday by the amount of love and support I get from everybody. I’d cry if I had tear ducts!


Speaking of charity, I will also be a part of HALLOW-STREAM this Sunday Oct 29th at 5pm Central. It’s being put on by BiteMyThumb, remember when I did that game show with the squid? That guy! It’s raising money for MIND which is also a mental health charity, but it’s in the UK.

The way it works is 15 different streamers go live for an hour doing something scary, then they raid into the next person and so on. Should be fun!

I’m going to warn people about the EVIL SPEEDERS and also talk about Japanese bathroom ghosts!

Game Nights

I think Friday night streams are going to be mostly games for a while. Not like Fortynites or nothing but Jackbox games and name that tune and Duck Race and stuff.

Last night we tried Whatsamusic for the first time and it was really fun! It’s like a name that tune gimmick where anybody can play.

If you know of any other games that would be fun to play on Twitch, just reply and let me know! Or feel free to tell me in the Discord. OR if you HATE playing games tell me that too!


By sockcop

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